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“My sleepless nights melted away, I’ve never felt so safe and secure in my own home; this thing is definitely impossible for others to find.”- David Blake

Micro HD Video Camera with Wifi & Audio

Micro HD Video Camera with Wifi & Audio

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Finally have a second pair of eyes and the ability to have peace of mind with our new, easy-to-use, and innovative Wifi Micro HD Video Camera. The sleek design allows you to confirm any of your suspicions at home or at work. Protect your loved ones from potential harm and stay a step ahead. Our camera is also easy to use on the go making it the best option for daily use.
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  • Capture every detail with the automatic night vision

    With the ability to toggle between day and night mode, you can rest assured that you'll always have a clear view of what's happening, even in the dark.

  • 24/7 Surveillance made easy

    With built-in motion detection, the Micro HD Video Camera captures every important moment and saves memory and space by recording only when motion is detected.

Stay A Step Ahead

Say goodbye to paranoia, with the help of the Micro HD Video Camera your worries will melt away. The compactness allows you to monitor anything with ease, from naughty animals to potential burglaries. You will have the ability to do it all without being found.

Along with 24/7 coverage, it is also equipped with motion detection. To really make sure those needed moments are captured.

The camera also uses motion detection to save memory, battery, and space. On top of this, you’re able to override old recordings so you never need to buy more space.

The Most Effective Motion Detection

If the camera detects movement, it will immediately send a mobile notification to your mobile phone.

When professional thefts intrude on your house, they will quickly find the regular surveillance camera and ruin it within several minutes.

However, our hidden security camera is tiny enough and no one can ever find it.

Capture HD Video In Day & Night

Our self-sufficient camera can toggle its night vision to cater to the environment change. Between automatic night vision, motion detection, and looped video, our camera can solve all problems of existing cameras.

Being truly user-friendly is something we pride ourselves on. Especially, when compared to our competitors' cameras which can take hours to set up.

The sleek design and self-sufficient abilities make our camera the most effective option in keeping everyone safe at home to even being used as a body cam.

Customer Reviews

Based on 386 reviews
Mark Webster
I found out my wife cheating on me

Thanks to this camera I caught my wife cheating. I am often away from home for business and I suspected she was seeing...

Marissa Pierce
This camera saved my marriage

My marriage is in better condition today. I had a suspicion that my husband was cheating on me and put two cameras in my house...

Cristina Beck
Camera in every room

Ordered 5 cameras already so I could monitor what was going on in every room in my house. I have a little girl of 5 and a teenager of...

Olivia Steele
I caught a thief with this camera

I managed to catch a thief in my yard thanks to this little camera. I installed it months ago for my own security and didn't check it often...

Patrick Alvarado
Don't worry any more about my expensive cars

I am a big car lover and have 4 very expensive in my garage. I always want to have an eye over them so this camera is perfect...