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"I went from having to pay 1000$ for mole removal, to a one-time purchase for 49.99$!! Not only did I save life-changing amounts of money, but I also was left with ZERO scars." - Amber Grace

Remover Pen™ for Moles

Remover Pen™ for Moles

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Have the ability to affordably perfect your skin from home with ease; remove skin tags and other blemishes with no-effort. Plastic surgery is a thing of the past, join your favorite influencers on the new wave of innovative and affordable skin perfection.
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Become the Best You!

Say goodbye to unwanted skin imperfections! Our pen is ground-breaking in the beauty products scene!

Get the same results as costly surgery for an affordable price. Become your own skin-care professional from the comfort of your own home.

Look youthful in days! Through tightened skin tissues and increased collagen production. Make imperfections a thing of the past with our mole remover today!

Get the Beauty You Deserve

Our Fibroblast therapy works by boosting your skin’s natural anti-aging processes. Specifically, our pen encourages your body to increase collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acids.

This is the secret behind our affordable beauty treatment. By supercharging your natural production, our mole remover leaves your skin looking younger and healthier.

Your body already has the ability to make you beautiful, we’re just giving it the instructions to do so!

A Long-Lasting Solution to Your Imperfections

Today’s dermatologist charge absurd amounts to remove skin imperfections. On average you could be paying anywhere from 1000$ - 1200$ for a single removal appointment.

We took this to heart. The remover pen is our take on easy-to-use and affordable skin care. Along with being easy to use, it is also non-invasive and safe.

Our remover pen is the safest and most simplistic way to get fast results. We want to see you become someone you're proud of.

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Tabs Biaukula
Really good

After years of looking in 🇬🇧 finally find this on my visit to the USA . Highly recommend 💯

Judith Thornton
Finally, what I've been looking for for years!

Since I am now in the years where there are so many expert skin changes, I am very happy that I am able to help myself...

Kim Gibbs
6 Months of Usage

I got this product recommended to me 6 months ago by my best friend, she said that it replaced all her mole removal surgeries. I...

Adrienne Gill
Saves a lot of money

Wonderful for small keratoses. I've tried it for small keratoses, burns something, stinks naturally and makes small crusts that...

Vicky George
Perfect for removing moles

I'm removing my moles with it. Premium product, easy to use. Solid quality It works perfectly. You can hardly go wrong, but...