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"Working like a charm to keep the neighborhood cats out of my landscape areas in front of my house!" - David Green

Infrared Solar Powered Animal Pest Repeller

Infrared Solar Powered Animal Pest Repeller

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Your backyard is overrun with animals? Get rid of them. This Ultrasonic Deer Repeller uses top-of-the-line technology to provide you with an option for repelling unwanted animals and pests of any area.
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Say Goodbye to the Unwanted Animals

We're all tired of animals coming into our yard, garden, and house. they ruin the gardens we worked so hard on.

This revolutionary Ultrasonic Deer Repeller protects any open area in a garden that receives unwanted visiting animals.

Motion-activated technology delivered 2.5s of ultrasonic waves, which are just enough to scare the animal away without hurting it.

The unit emits sound waves at a frequency that is only audible to Animals. Keep squirrels and unwanted pests out of your garden. Ideal for protecting lawns, bird feeders, flower beds, ponds, and pathways.

Environmental Friendly & Safe For Pets and Children

The built-in PIR motion sensor could sense the small motion within 110-degree radians and the distance could reach 30 feet. It usually stays in standby mode, once the animal enters the area, the solar animal repeller would start to work.

This ultrasonic animal repellent is harmless to humans. At the same time, it would only send out light and ultrasonic signals to keep animals away rather than harming them. It is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Our repeller features solid construction and waterproof design. It can be left out in any weather conditions. Perfect to protect your farm, garden, yard, lawn, and patio.

The Most Effective and Versatile Outdoor Solution

The practical design gives you the ability to plug it into the ground, on the roof, or anywhere you need it outdoor. And sealed design allows it to work under any weather, water-resistant, windproof, sun-protective, and rustless.

1.Peel off the transparent protective coating on the top fo solar panel to ensure it can absorb sunlight efficiently.

2.Do not cover up the PIR sensor and choose a place where the solar panel on the top can get as long-time sunshine as possible.

3.Install the device in the direction that animals come from to get a better effect.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Rice
No more bird intruders

Many birds land on our fruit trees and eat the fruit. This device has helped us drive them away. I highly recommend

Juana Hicks
No more pests

I have a small wine cellar and grow my own grapes, but quite often some of them are ruined by animals that get between the...

Anthony Curtis
No more unwanted animald in my backyard

We live in an area full of rabbits, foxes, deer and other animals. We have often seen all sorts of animals invade our yard and...

Roberta Clarke
Don't worry anymore to leave my kids in the backyard

We have a lot of wild animals coming into our house in the country and I worry about leaving my kids alone in the yard. I don't...

Jeffery Washington
The best solution to the problem

My son recently bought a house with his wife in a nearby village. Apparently there is a lot of wildlife in that area that bothers them...